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Igor Sunz Support Agent
2 months ago

Critical bugs are fixing in Wp bakery. But I don't see reason to add new
blocks, because wp bakery is not updated by author. I think that they are
concentrated on Visual Composer now.

P.s. anyway, I don't understand why many people use page builders for
posts. Gutenberg is best for posts and fast. We will add many custom
Gutenberg blocks soon in theme. Few blocks will be added in this month

пн, 16 дек. 2019 г., 14:32 Sizam Support Help Desk <>:

Fred Nexus
2 months ago

Sorry for the delay.

Amanda Clarke-Peterson, you're welcome to participate.

The issue is that you see only the VISUAL part. 

Everybody do not absolutely want to use a visual builder, I mostly never do it to build a Post and I had build thousand of Post on WordPress. 

@Amanda Clarke-Peterson "You will have to go back to all of your pages and remove such shortcodes"   

Maybe you do not know Shortcode Cleaner Lite > . It's not perfect but do the job.

Make a test:

 Build a post with Elementor and save it.

 Go back to the classic mode.

 Delete all text image and data left by Elementor and update your Post.

 So now your post is blank.

 Edit your Post again with Elementor ....

 Tadata you will get back all text and data you have previously deleted in the classic mode.

 In fact your post have been save twice in the database. Not very good for performance.

So good luck to clean your database of all the junk left by Elementor.

When you change a theme you always need to rebuild all your Pages/Posts where your have used one builder.

With Elementor like all other builders you can only get back some text or basic informations, all other data will be lost.

The only difference is that you do not have to clean the shortcodes because they are stored in the database in another table.

And once again I do not say Elementor is bad, I know how to use it very well, I have build entire website with it.

I just say by experience, it's a bad POST Builder.

Imagine you want to add a basic Before/After block in your Post.

With WPB you just need to add :

[cq_vc_beforeafter beforeimage="2626" afterimage="2625" autoslide="0"]

any where you want. You even do not have to turn all your post into a WPB format.

Your post will still be editable in the classic editor.

With Elementor you need to load the Visual Builder and by the way change your Post format.

This one will no more be editable in the classic editor without loosing all blocks data (beside text).

And if you remove Elementor, you will also lost the Before/After block like it will happen with WPB if you remove it.

So yes Elementor is a better VISUAL Builder, It's provide more features, it's a plus for a theme like re:hub but WPB for Post is a better builder.

Post and Page are very different, in a Post we need something simple, fast and easy to edit and Elementor do not provide that.

It's will be great to have both builders because they are very different and each provide a real plus if you know how and when use them.

And I do not say to clone all ELementor blocks into WPB. It's not needed and not possible, but at least update WPB blocks when a bug is found, and add new block

when it's possible. 

Best Regards


Amanda Clarke-Peterson
2 months ago

I'm going to chime in. I agree with Igor. I have used several different visual builders WP Bakery, Divi, & Elementor.

I feel that Elementor is superior, and does not use shortcodes to build its pages, it offers more of a visual design block-based concept that is far more intuitive than WP Bakery.

Hopefully, you never have to change your theme or wish try another type of visual builder - because if you do, then you will see EXACTLY what I mean - [vc row] or [shortcodes] galore everywhere you used them to create your site! You will have to go back to all of your pages and remove such shortcodes. This is a nightmare. I do not discover Elementor doing the same. 

You see here that they offer the ability to add shortcodes easily with Elementor using their shortcode element. 

I hope that is helpful, Fred!

Igor Sunz Support Agent
2 months ago

Elementor can do everything as wp bakery + much more. You can use it in
posts, of course.

It has no admin builder, because it's useless in Elementor workflow. You
can build everything on frontend and see how it looks immediately.

It has powerful template system and you can save everything as template and
use it anywhere and not only as Elementor module.

Library of ready templates are much better, more modern, has preview.

Wp bakery is in past. They made new Visual Composer and try to make the
same workflow as Elementor

вт, 10 дек. 2019 г., 14:47 Sizam Support Help Desk <>:

Fred Nexus
2 months ago


">You are first who have problem with Elementor", Everything come one day, you just have to wait ;*))

I'm maybe the first because a huge part of your customers who had build their websites before the re:hub V8.4 still use WPBakery.

Elementor is mostly a Visual Page Builder, better than WPBakery, no contest about that, but Elementor is not an efficient Post Builder.

On WordPress we do not build a lot of Pages, maybe 1 or 2 per month, so we can spend a lot of time and effort to build them.

Posts on other hand we will create 1 to 10 posts each day (in case of an affiliate website). So we need to be able to do it fast.

It's not possible to do so with Elementor. Why ? It's very simple. Because Elementor do not have an Admin Builder.

An admin editor where you can edit the shortcodes in text mode is way faster.

You even do not have to load the WPBakery builder to edit anything.

You can copy past a post skeleton in sec, and not to be force to load the visual builder and load a template.

You can edit, cut, append or move any block in a sec and in same time change the categories, change the feature image on the fly...

You can add text or HTML between all shortcodes very easily.

Can you do that with Elementor ?

No you cannot, but with WPBakery you can.

You added Content egg module in Elementor, great but can you run Content Egg when you are building a page/post with Elementor ?

You cannot, you have to get back to the classic builder to edit/get all Content Egg shortcodes and then return to Elementor to add it.

A total waste of time.

Add Elementor to re:hub is a good idea because it's a better Visual Builder than WPBakery, and it's perfect for people who have no clue about HTML/CSS.

But let down WPBakery is an error.

I can understand that it is difficult for you to maintain both builders, even more if you are alone in doing so, but i'm sorry to tell you that your choice to drop WPBakery in spite of your thousand of sales with it, makes your theme unreliable.

Tomorrow you can choose to let down Elementor for Brizy without any regards for your customers ...

Anyways your theme still very fast, light and user friendly to build an affiliate website and it's the perfect theme for Content Egg.

But I'm disappointed, I bought re:hub to be able to quickly build and customise posts for an affiliate website.

Now I know I have to forget the quickly and customise Posts part :(

I hope you will reconsider your decision about WPBakery.

Best Regards


Igor Sunz Support Agent
2 months ago

You are first who have problem with Elementor. This plugin is much more
flexible for developers than wp bakery, changing colors is one line of
code, Elementor even has option to dynamically change any css code of any
elements on fly. And we added Content egg module to Elementor. Wp bakery
has no content egg modules at all, because it's not possible to make it in
wp bakery, as it doesn't generate code on fly. I am not sure, maybe you do
something wrong with Elementor. I can check if you send me admin access

Fred Nexus
2 months ago


thanks for the reply.   

That a shame for WPBakery (WPB) :(  

Using Content Egg with Elementor is really painful and time consuming.  

It's really faster to build a page/post with WPB than Elementor where we have to load the hyper slow and buggy WYSIWYG builder where it's not possible to use Content Egg.  

Beside you may not know but using Elementor with a Wacom is a real pain in the ass. (last time I use a mouse was in 1995 :-)  

Elementor crash all the time, blocks disappear on fly when we move them.  

The drag and drop Elementor is horrible, as is the WPB WYSIWYG builder.  

For an ex programmer WPB is more flexible, easy and faster to customize or debug by editing the HTML between the shortcodes who that not possible with Elementor who make it very hard to fix. We need to report the issue and wait for an hypothetical update when the bug come from a free Elementor addon.  

Edit a comma, a hex color in a text blocks will take 10 to 15 sec with WPB in text mode, but at least 45 seconds to 1 minute with Elementor ...  

Adding Elementor is a good idea to make Re:hub more accessible for people who have no programming skills.  

But please continue to update and add new blocks for WPB. It's will be a real bonus for your theme to have both builders.  

I have websites using Flatsome, Newspaper, Publisher, Porto or Divi and always the faster to use is the one who have a admin builder like WPB have.  

About Rething demo, it's may be outdated, but it's also my prefer demo :)  

About "Disable share buttons", my mistake ... sorry.  

Best Regards  


Igor Sunz Support Agent
2 months ago

1. Wp bakery will not have any updates. We are concentrated on Elementor

2. All latest. Recart. New revendor, rewise. Anyway, all demos will be converted to Elementor in nearest future

3. It means that you should avoid using it

4. Rething demo is outdated, we want to remove it but some people still like it. We will make some refresh

5. It's not the same option. Check description. One option removes top icons, second - bottom

Fred Nexus
2 months ago

hello ?? 

Fred Nexus
2 months ago


I have some questions :

1) Did WPBakery and Elementor will get the same new blocks in the futur?

2) Which of your demo are better for Elementor ?

3) What does mean "deprecated" in "Page for visual layout builder (deprecated)" ?


REVIEW POST: it's would be great to have a Right|Center|Left option to place the thumbnails.

Other matter:

In your demo you have some 404

Post Formats > Post With Woocommercer

Post Formats > Content post formats > Post with gallery

Post Formats > Full width post

Shortcodes > Media Shortcodes

Unique Functions > Page Templates > Login Page

On RehuB Theme Option > Global Enable/Disable >

Twice the same option "Disable share buttons"

Best Regards