website crash in opening time

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Igor Sunz Support Agent
3 years ago

1. You didn't disable and didn't change configuration in autoptimize plugin. I don't see any changes on your site. If you need defer parsing, you need to enable also theme option - global enable - critical css

3. You can use any membership plugin for this

manoj singh
3 years ago

thanks for your response and i have follow up as  your have to guidance but it some issues not resolved yet ?

1-- i have tried  after disable super cache plugin and also in optimization > image lazy load disabled but not resolved issue , when website opening in that time crashed front /catelogue  page as i have send to you above screeshot two images so please guide me how to resolved it or other way?

2-- ok let me check and trying to that options 

3-- role manager in the sense many person working in different wok like order process , listing , stock etc. so need to assign role , may you understand what i am saying exaclty ?

4-- ok i will try it  

Igor Sunz Support Agent
3 years ago

I don't see any issues on site

Disable or proper configure your cache and lazy loading plugins or write to author of plugins if you have issues with then


3. Which role manager do you mean?

4. 200px width is recommended

manoj singh
3 years ago


1--when i have to starting the website that time frontend/ home page are crashed , see screenshots with attachment file, how to resolved it ?

2-- how to upload inventory by excel / CSV ?

3-- how to manage role manager ?

4--  i have try multiple sizes of website main logo but is crashing and show up outfit size , so please tell me about recommended size of website logo ?


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