Dibbs - Multiple questions nr. 3

REHub - Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Vendor Store, Community Theme REHub - Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Vendor Store, Community Theme November 06, 2020
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Igor Sunz Support Agent
2 weeks ago

Saved Templates - find your header template and remove it. Also, footer template and conditional must be also removed

Pedro Serrão
2 weeks ago

Ok, I followed the Youtube video steps:

1) I created new section

2) Customized section with logo, search bar, login and wishlist.

3) Saved section, copied shortcode

4) Theme Options: 

Header and Menu > Main Header Options > Select Header Layout > Clean code zone in Header.


Ads and Code Zones > Header Area > and copied section shortcode here


5) Then I removed the Elementor Header (that I had previously) with Display Conditions:


6) Result: No Header. It doesn't seem to load up the Section I made and introduced on Theme Options.

Do you know what is going wrong in here?


Igor Sunz Support Agent
2 weeks ago

your issue is because you overwriten header of theme with template instead of using Clean header layout. Use proper way for header customization, otherwise we can't guarantee proper work of theme


Pedro Serrão
2 weeks ago

Thanks for replying.

11) Sorry, forgot to mention the link. It is https://www.dibbs.pt/wp/all-stores 

The little arrow button to scroll page up isn't working. Do you know how can I fix this?  


Igor Sunz Support Agent
2 weeks ago

9. You can use Elementor and create custom block with images. For example via Simple Post list module + filter panel. Then, convert to shortcode and use in place where you need, for example in HTML widget. Anyway, carousel is not available for lists



10. If you need just images without anything else, you can choose Logo type instead store grid


11. You missed to send link on page with issue so I am not able to check it

Pedro Serrão
3 weeks ago

9) Carousel widget

Recash theme is good and almost complete but I really feel it's lacking a proper widget like the ones I show below. Every single popular deal website has this on the sidebar. Image + Title + Hot Counter + Price and also very important Carousel for viewing more top deals + Filter by Today/Week/Month/Year. 





I know and tried all the solutions you have but the lack of a carousel option to change page like that is really important to get more clicks on the top deals.




The pagination options you provide are not optimize:

- "Show more" puts deals below the existing ones on sidebar which makes site ugly and not easy-to-use.

- "Page 1/2/3/Next" makes another page loading instead of loading inside the top offers section.

Is there any thing I can do to make a thing exactly like that, any plugin or customization?

10) Short notice field removal on Store grid

How can I remove the “short notice (cashback notice)” field on Store grid images so the store logos can be centered? Tried to not write any message but that doesn’t solve it. I’ve been messing around with CSS for hours, but can’t really get this. 


11) Scroll up button doesn't work

The little arrow button to scroll page up isn't working. Do you know how can I fix this? 


Additional Info

Link on page with issue (Optional): www.dibbs.pt/wp/