Heading/body text layout shift and product grid problem with cache

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Igor Sunz Support Agent
2 weeks ago

If you use Autoptimize, it doesn’t require any white lists 

Jean-Philippe Ghyoot
2 weeks ago

Thank you.  I will need to check with new hosting about whether caching happen at server level.

1 - Can you please provide me with the script/url/code line (s) which I can insert into any cache plugin's exclude list to prevent my issue?  A reminder of issue, if any cache plugin switched on:  - session token expires and all "click next" buttons or "infinite scroll" functions stop working for product grid widget after a product is added to the checkout cart. 

Igor Sunz Support Agent
3 weeks ago

many hostings don't need object cache because it has cache on server, you
need to use only Autoptimize to cache files

For store list pages, please, write to author of plugin, it's not part of

Product category pages
https://monosnap.com/file/zykkQAWkMRIKYWdoK2wGgdvGjC7x6s have no CLS Google
doesn't test logged in sites.

Jean-Philippe Ghyoot
3 weeks ago

1 - I recently changed hosting for various reasons.  New host does not use litespeed cache/server.  I decided to try WP super cache plugin per your blog recommendation.  Observation - on home page I use product grid to feature products.  I use option "show next" on click to display more products.  With Wp super cache installed and enabled default setting, if you add a product to cart and open cart page but then return to home page, the "show next" button does not work anymore?  Disable cache plugin, and all work fine again.  Problem only happen when product added to cart.  Same problem existed with Litespeed cache plugin.  How to resolve if using caching?

2 - With no cache plugin installed and no optimisation plugin installed I still have layout shift on the following pages?  
       a - https://www.mytanklife.com/store-listing/ (logged in and not logged in users - watch store name headings, initial heading display shifts once paged fully loaded?)
       b - https://www.mytanklife.com/Store/www-aquafin-co-za/ (logged in and not logged in users. - watch text on page, initial heading and body text that displays shifts once page fully loaded?.  This page just example, happens on all individual store pages)
         c - https://www.mytanklife.com/product-category/special-orders/ (only when logged in - initial heading and body text display shifts once page fully loaded?, when not logged in this does not happen)

Please advise.


Additional Info

Link on page with issue: See above