Why i hate premium Themes

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Igor Sunz Support Agent
3 years ago


Our policy are next

1. Initial price of theme includes initial period of support. If support is expired, we still provide support for bugs and quick questions

2. Buyers with actual support can get also help for customizations, but basic customizations. For example, changing place, css customization, small code customizations and also help with deep investigation if something is wrong with site (even if it's not bug of theme)

If you got link on docs instead answer - this means that docs have direct answer on your question.

If topic is closed after this - doesn't mean that you can't add answers or questions. You can add answer and reopen it again. We close topics just to be sure that we checked topic and sent answer, so, it's mostly closed for us, not for you.

Boluwatife Osisanya
3 years ago

Likely this may not be a ticket but still i could call it a test ticket.

In the line to word-press themes are things that is very used so commonly, from free to premium having so many ways they generate incomes of revenue.

As such, Having to use of a free theme comes with a lot of work and benefits where the code is open and ideas are so welcomed to make changes and increase functionality to both speed rendering and functions offered.\

But the many things that comes to be an issue is ways to making money being limited to donations and few high customization's that may need large custom works or non tech companies who wants the theme author build a website for them using his or her theme build.

But the story differs a lot in premium it being a paid theme comes as a compensation for good work done. but may developers actually forget the true reason why most individuals actually come to a decision to use premium themes and simply the truth behind  it is support.

And in truth i mean few CSS and Function customization works that the developer should be linient to offer.

As for me this is not the only theme i have bought from the evanto market place has i have bought over 12 but surprisingly you would find i still only pay support to about 3 of them because i see potentials in those developers and truth to point their clients in the right direction on  ways they can make use their theme to use it to the max potential of their desires.

You may ask where is this leading to? 

To put it plain simple when customers have to pay for a theme they expect little customization to be offered than the author pointing you to solely documented links as not every one is tetchy .

2) if they are going to be paying for custom works how are they sure that the custom code would still work in 5 years to come as after paying those 25 dollar services work do they get the assurance that you would still be able to assist them freely if any issue comes again in line to the the previous works offered or another payment would be needed to fix those issues.

3 ) not every one has the funding to pay after paying 60 dollar or so for a theme and have to pay support every 6 month for a certain price only to find the author tell you for few changes a service per hour is charged.

Truthfully they would never come back at best be linient to give fixed amount as though they asked for a custom work now tomorrow there may be need for  another.

4) Am not a author to any theme but for me  I would tell you the truth the reason i still pay support to few items i bought at evato was that those authors were very nice especially one that we became so close that he requested i make sketches of changes i feel could make the item stand out and features i fell is needed.

As there i times i feel that there is a need for a css change where users should have a way to customize a section, he works on the code sends me the code to try it on my site and even thanks me for pint out those possible change option and in the feature patch release he releases those change out and askes me if he can share it on the public page so other users can see it and benefit from it .

As this is what brings a community .

What am trying to say is the changes of all users and customs ideas of all users helps build flexibility to the item purchase and in-fact we the users of his item have no fear to pay for continuous support of those 6 moths offered by envato as we donate because he offers  more than any developer i have seen .

As i would not mention the item or author , as my point is you have a lot of clients whom you serve support to them as you might not know if one of them is still a student and making use of your theme for a project to later develop him or her self in future as with limited funds .

As i do not also know what is in your mind but i do know you have made a lot of progress and work to keep this theme alive so what am trying to say is also do the same to keep the support alive.

As the reason why may tend to post to the comment is because they do not even know the support forum exist as i did not know until you redirected it to me.

I asked for a word change in private but got a document link to do the research my self and find how i can fix it.

Spoiler alert: The client might not even know how to fix it and if you-just post the link and close the ticket how does the client ever get to you back to say sorry it did not work or can i give you my second admin id to assist me and make those changes.

-- As that is what kills a support where the admin just closes the ticket without verifying if the issue was resolved.

As my response to the former support tickets < Not Resoled> so why are the tickets closed.

What am saying is every one knows where the document is but not every one may know the basic steps to add the code or even know how to code so when all you give is links you you expect that same very one to pay that evanto amount to on support to only get back links documentation and their tickets closed without verification if issue was resolved or how to fix it.

To conclude I would give you a life experience : If you have a host provider where you issued out a ticket that your website was down only to see the author admin only sent a documentation link to you on reasons to what can cause a site to crash and in the documentation it points how to use the ftp ........( but wait what is my ftp password) .. Damn it this guy just closed the ticket.

and you had to opportunity to have another host for a separate site where you complained of this similar ticket and immediately within 10 minutes the admin told you he had looked at it and the conflict was from this plugin and you ever come to this problem below this is the password to your ftp and id as well if you ever need any help or you encounter any issue do message them through the ticket and they would get back to you . also asking you to give them a rating . As the ticket was opened even after 4 days and never closed until i closed it my self.

Which host would you go with the first or second 

So in all thanks for you patience reading this post and do kindly have a nice day