Which Image Size to use in Products Layout

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Pragz Sri commented privately
Pragz Sri
6 months ago

Disabling the 'Disable resize for Featured images' setting in Theme Options did the trick. 

Simple solution. 

Igor Sunz Support Agent
6 months ago

It depends on product layout which you use for product. Some layouts show
full image and you can’t change this. Some layouts show thumbnail size
which you set in woocommerce settings in customizer


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Pragz Sri
6 months ago


I am using the directory style product layout and the product image that this layout is pulling by default is the original image (full size). 

For example if you go to https://fabtastic.com/furniture/product/kith-furniture-jacob-black-twin-panel-captains-bed/ and right click > open product image in new tab, you will see that the image being displayed is https://fabtastic.com/furniture/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2021/11/Kith-Furniture-Jacob-Black-Twin-Panel-Captains-Bed.jpg

I would however like to show the image thumbnail https://fabtastic.com/furniture/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2021/11/Kith-Furniture-Jacob-Black-Twin-Panel-Captains-Bed-500x500.jpg

How can i control what thumbnail size to display here. 


Additional Info

Link on page with issue: https://fabtastic.com/furniture/product/kith-furniture-jacob-black-twin-panel-captains-bed/