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Aviv Zandany
5 years ago

thank you everything works well now

Aviv Zandany commented privately
Igor Sunz Support Agent
5 years ago

Ok. Send admin access

Aviv Zandany
5 years ago

Our  envato conversation:

First request - 

Dear Igor and his team hello,

I have a Problem with my auto contents in my website and I can’t figure out why it is happening

as you can see in the link below the auto contents in the top of the page links only to the second h2 section but nothing to the rest of the sections 

it seems like the other h sections have a # link in them without a number of lines I tried to delete and rewrite the h2 title I tried to change them to h3 and I even tried to copy the second h2 that works with the link and change the title to something else just to check if it’s working, but nothing I did change the results 

This is the link for the post I’m talking about: 

I hope you could help find a solution. thank you, Aviv

Your answer - 

transliteration is not possible for your language. So, change in functions/helper_functions.php


‘anchor_type’ => ‘a’,   to  'anchor_type' => 'id',

My response - 

thank you for the fast reply I tried what you said and change the line to ‘id’ instead of ‘a’ but it still not working and all look the same.

is there another thing I could try? 

Thank you, Aviv

Your answer - 

There are two places in file, maybe you changed only in first place

My response - 

I change now the “anchor_type” in line 649 but nothing change

Your answer - 

Please, write private message with details of your site in Support Hub

You can login there with the same Envato account details for more fast verification

Additional Info

Link on page with issue (Optional):