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Arnt Kugler
1 year ago

Sorry, that i've  just realized, that Sizam Design is based in the Ukraine!

I follow the news every hour (especially the interesting actions of Anonymus and other digital activists against Russia ;)) and hope that your people will kick the Russians out of the country soon. I have never seen such a strong, brave and upright people. My deepest respect!

I hope that all members of Sizam Design, their and their relatives and friends stay healthy and get through this unjustified war in one piece.

Slawa Ukrajini!
Yvette Boye
1 year ago

Thanks. So impressed by you and Ukraine. Following news all day for update. Words can not really convey all my thoughts and feelings for what you are going through now.

Can only say ¨STAY STRONG¨.

FYI: As for now I will not open any more tickets because of the situation. 

Igor Sunz Support Agent
1 year ago

Thank you. Currently all man are not allowed to leave Ukraine, to be truth,
nobody wants because we stay here to fight. I am in west Ukraine, currently
it’s calm here. Main battle in Kyiv, east and south.

Вт, 1 марта 2022 г. в 09:35, Sizam Support Help Desk <>:

Yvette Boye
1 year ago


Worried about you with Russia invading Ukraine. Are you OK? Need help with anything (do not have money [not yet succeeded with my website]), but can maybe help in other ways.

If you get to Norway you can stay free of charge in my apartment (free excellent wifi). 

Full support to you and your country. Sending you my love and hope that all will soon end and go well for you, your family and country. Stay strong!

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