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3 weeks ago

Hope this finds you well.
I can be your sourcing agent in China.

Tired of a middle-men charging your higher prices?

Lower effectively communication with factory or salesman?

Delay the factory delivery time one time and one time?

Manufacture can't accept your Mini order?

Why I am a professional China sourcing agent?

Procurement process:

1>Sourcing consult 2>Trading suggestions 3>Shipping suggestions 4>Industrial analysis

1>Sourcing report 2>Production time and shipping cost estimate 3>Product upgrade(Open mold)

1>Sample collection and review 2>Negotiation 3>Production arrange. 4>Shipping arrange.

Much appreciated if you could assign this to the responsible party.

We are dedicated to help small & medium overseas companies or individual sourcing from China.

Instead of your company adjusting to the needs of a buying agent, I will comply with

your demands so everything you want comes to fruition.

➤Just tell us what exactly you want, we can give you a satisfied result or plan !

For more infomation, Pls feel free to contact me


Skype:+86 15919103357

WhatsApp:+86 15919103357 









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Igor Sunz Support Agent
1 year ago
Because you use outdated theme. Actual version 17.9.8

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Martin Kristiansen
1 year ago


I'm using Elementor Pro along with the Rehub Theme and whenever I try to edit a page with Elementor, the widget panel keeps loading forever. I'm not sure when it stopped working but when I switch theme it works perfectly. How do I solve this so I can use both Rehub and Elementor?

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