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Anne Phoebe
2 weeks ago

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Nantes Webmaster
2 weeks ago

Thank you very much.

I found where was the custom field panel and activated it now I can see the post views in the back office.

Best regards

Igor Sunz Support Agent
2 weeks ago
You can see post views in Custom field panel in your admin area

Чт, 12 янв. 2023 г. в 11:11, Sizam Support Help Desk <>:
Nantes Webmaster
2 weeks ago

Dear Sizam,

On Rehub, the view counter on the public pages works perfectly, thank you very much.

I would like to see the view counter in the back office only for my eyes and to take it out off the public pages.

Is it possible ?

I wish you all the best for 2023 in these difficult times.

Best regards

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