REHub - Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Vendor Store, Community Theme REHub - Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Vendor Store, Community Theme February 10, 2024
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4 months ago

Hi Team 

I am Kunal from Growthmodo, we purchased this theme for a project but we are not satisfied with the UI of the theme. In way what we expected vs what we are getting is an issue. I respect your policies and would like to answer your questions in most detailed way possible. 

1. What was the reason to purchase theme?

We were planning to launch a review website for a client where the focus was to review top5 of any niche. 

2. What do you expect?

The purchase was mainly for its table feature. We expect crisp Ui and ease of use. 

3. What do you have?

We have theme but one it has tons of options which makes it hard for our team, second on the elementor side we dont have much options from rehub so the UI which we were looking to have was not achievable.

4. Did you read documentation?

Yes we did.

5. What type of site do you want to have?

Review website. 

6. Link on your site (optional).

we have deleted that server its not active anymore. 

7. What is the main profit strategy on your site (I mean the main source of your income)?

Traffic Arbitrage

8. What modules of theme do you use on-site?

Mainnly the compare features or listing beature

9. What do you not like?

The elements and UI, For example, the listings option in elmentor is not clean and has a CTA. We dont need CTA we have a different plan of action.

10. Did you use demo stacks of theme and provide name of demo stack?

Yes, we use the one in Green.

10. What is reason of your decision (it must be detailed answer)?

Honestly, there are 2 reasons one we expected that all functionality could be achieved from a single theme, which was not reasonable. Two based on our previous purchases we thought we can customise the theme using internal options but its very very hard to do as it has tons of possibilities. 

Additional Info

Link on page with issue: -