RH Frontend Publishing Pro - Thumbnail in Gallery, Access to buttons Edit & Delete

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Oleg Nikolaev
5 years ago

Igor, hello!

The preview in the gallery is not displayed when using the RH Frontend Publishing Pro plug-in. For example, in the form of BuddyForms with this, everything is fine, but there is not much more than RH FEPP. This can be fixed as something?


The authors write great articles (product reviews) and group several pictures into a gallery, then insert a few galleries in the text. It’s just uncomfortable visually when writing a text, when you do not see what’s in your gallery, in the editor RH FEPP.

I have a question about the rights of access to editing and deleting the material by users. You can make sure that the published material can only be viewed, submitted for review, viewed and edited, and viewed, edited and deleted from drafts. The problem is that all the articles we have moderated, and when the user edited the material and sent again for verification, the article disappears from the blog before re-publication after verification. Meanwhile, under the link to the article, people can not go from social networks during this period, for example, since it is on check. I want to remove the possibility of editing and deleting for published articles, and if there are any errors in it, the author will be able to point them to the Mistape plugin for example.


One more thing, pay attention to the search button in the Safari browser on the Mac and the iPhone, it is slightly offset by a few pixels to the left. In the Chrome browser, everything is displayed normally.

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Link on page with issue (Optional): https://revues.ru/submit/