Bulk products from eCommerce with content egg pro,

REHub - Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Vendor Store, Community Theme REHub - Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Vendor Store, Community Theme October 15, 2019
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Andrew Brickman
10 months ago

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Igor Sunz Support Agent
4 years ago

Our theme has only visual design for content egg. If you have problem with
plugin, please, write to support of plugin.

ср, 16 окт. 2019 г., 11:09 Sizam Support Help Desk <

Hatim Farajallah
4 years ago

in the below link a video shows that you have a connection together that's
why I thought to inform both of your development teams in 3:42 you have a
skype connection

It's now showing me the below error in all AE and CE modules,

Does costum nameserver affect this process? and what about the timeout
upload_filezie what values have to be input?

Error: {"data":"

www.compartos.co | 524: A timeout

http-equiv=\"Content-Type\" content=\"text/html; charset=UTF-8\" />
http-equiv=\"X-UA-Compatible\" content=\"IE=Edge,chrome=1\" />
name=\"robots\" content=\"noindex, nofollow\" />
content=\"width=device-width,initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1\" />
rel=\"stylesheet\" id=\"cf_styles-css\"
href=\"/cdn-cgi/styles/cf.errors.css\" type=\"text/css\"
media=\"screen,projection\" />


id=\"cf_alert_div\" style=\"margin: 0;padding: 0;position: relative;top:
0;left: 0;display: block; z-index: 1000\"> 10px;border-bottom: 1px solid #a5a5a5;background: #f0f0f0;font-weight:
normal;text-align: left;\"> href=\"#\"
false;\" style=\"margin: 0 20px 0 0;padding: 10px 0 0 20px;text-decoration:
none;font: 12px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;color: #eff7e8;font-weight:
bold;text-align: left;position: relative;display: inline-block;height:
38px;background: url(/cdn-cgi/images/retry.png) no-repeat 0 0;overflow:
visible;font-size: 14px;line-height: 1.2em;text-shadow: #437b0a 0 1px
0;white-space: nowrap;\">Retry for a live version 0;padding: 0;position: absolute;top: 0;left: 100%;width: 20px;height:
38px;background: url(/cdn-cgi/images/retry.png) no-repeat 100%
Igor Sunz Support Agent
4 years ago
Hatim Farajallah
4 years ago

ok thank you very much, but can you just explain my problem and how it
should be solved so i can contact them and point them right into the

appreciating your help.

Igor Sunz Support Agent
4 years ago

Here I can help you only with theme. Plugins have separate developer team
and you should write to them and ask to solve your issue.

Here is email support@keywordrush.com

Hatim Farajallah
4 years ago

this won't help me that much as you can see my domain name Compartos which
is from the word "compare" also I plan to make a comparison site as its
already commercial registered in the Saudi government.
please read the emails I sent you carefully and tell me what to do and i
prefer to have a skype call it will make everything easier, I'm starting to
think about using other plugins in the market, but I already
purchased those so I need to get benefits from them.

Igor Sunz Support Agent
4 years ago
you can use urls for autoblog in Affiliate Egg. But this will make your site as deal site (not price comparison)
Hatim Farajallah
4 years ago

i did they said use URLs and with URLs you can't make auto blogging

Igor Sunz Support Agent
4 years ago

Just write to them that searching by keyword is not working in AE__souq module from Content Egg (link parsing is working according to your screenshots)

Hatim Farajallah
4 years ago

i have emailed them but they keep sending articles for me and i do what's
in the articles but i still have issues i let them log to my wp-admin also
but they don't understand me i really need someone to speak with via skype

Forwarded Conversation
Subject: Souq.com

Igor Sunz Support Agent
4 years ago

So, if you have problem with souq parser, you must write to support@keywordrush.com 

I don't think that they can't find reason. What did you ask from them and what did they reply?

Hatim Farajallah
4 years ago

Hello all, 

Before purchasing content egg pro and affiliate egg with rehub theme i thought they can make get the data from the e-stores through your affiliate program from each store and if you have same product from different stores they will automatically compare them and select the best price, but after i bought them i still can't use them very well. 

i know this maybe won't be Rehub Team business but as i saw a good relationship between you and the plugin owners keywordrush.ocm i thought you can help me out. 

i have several problems using those software.

1- i can't generate products. 

for example,i set my deeplink for souq.com module and when you go to make a new product or a post you can search for the product using content egg activated modules but suddenly it doesn't appear to me any product, 

therefore if content egg and affiliate egg couldn't find my affiliate store on souq they won't be able to make an auto blogging, 

below here you can see that i have searched for IPhone on content egg but it showed results on eBay module only that because it's a content egg module, but Souq.com is a custom module so it didn't show any result, i have contact keyworddrush team and they said you need to put a url, but what if i want to add a bulk category for Samsung phones ?, 

2- Storefront, 

i tried to make a storefront for categories but it showed me the products in the Description as below


here in auto blogging i am trying to Apple products from all active modules i have but it doesn't show any result,

Chosen the modules i want to get products from,

here is the automatic update check 

and here are the required module check on amazon and souq.com 

here is the result of the auto blogging 

0 posts and said no data were found.

here is the store front looks like on my website

im really sorry guys for making a lot of pics but my English not good enough to explain everything, 

please understand the below thing which is what i want to make so you can help me out, 

i want to make a website is similar to https://sa.pricena.com/en which is the closest thing to  my imagination, 

i also have restored the old products that i faced problems with to my website if someone wants to visit my website see them live at https://www.compartos.co

please if you suggest any other plugin let me know and i really need to talk on skype with someone is experienced to share screens so he/she can understand me very well, 

thank you very much for your continus support