ID Post Field not used for duplicate like title ?

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kornflex kornflex
1 month ago

Ok I will try again but I think ID check doesn't work. 

Importing my XML with one item with an ID:

First manual run : post created

Second manual run : second post created, not updated 

It should be updated, not created 

Igor Sunz Support Agent
1 month ago

Yes, it is. But you don’t need to use it. Plugin automatically detects
duplicate by title

kornflex kornflex
1 month ago

OK, I will make this.

Can you confirm me the ID field :

It's used to check if a post exist no ?

If first time : post created

second time : updated

So if two items have the same SKU :

first occur : creation

Second : updates : So two offers will merge  to the first post ?

I'm right ?

Igor Sunz Support Agent
1 month ago

currently, it's not clear what you do

Please, create topic according to guidelines, with all information, links, screenshots. This will allow us to understand your issue and give you a better and fast answer.

kornflex kornflex
1 month ago

I'm using importWPID like a SKU. 

I'm using this because I have this error :

yesterday I was using WP all import.

So I switched to importWP.

This morning, I had new items in my XML file.

Looking the history : 

Only updates and duplicates.

No new items...

In your video you say : we can check duplicates with title ( default ) and ID : duplicates and merge different prices from different merchands for the same product.

That's why I try this.

Igor Sunz Support Agent
1 month ago

it's not clear what is importWPID and why you added it. Duplicates is detected automatically based on title of post

kornflex kornflex
1 month ago


For trying, I have a remote XML file with only one "item" : 


<title>QIDI TECH Large Intelligent Industrial</title>

<description> <h2 class="goodsDescribe_title"> Commentaires de Vidéos Youtube </h2> <h2 class="goodsDescribe_title"> Descriptions </h2> <section class="platformGoodsDesc js-platformGoodsDesc"> <p class="textDescTitle">Principales Caractérisques</p> <p class="textDescContent">Extrudeuse Simple avec ...... </description>




<tags>QIDI,Imprimante 3d</tags>

<short-description>Commentaires de Vidéos Youtube Descriptions</short-description>





I have added the "importWPID" tag in the "ID" post field tag.

I run the import one time : post is created.

I run the import the second time : new post is created. It's not detected as duplicate post / or update the first post.

ID field isn't used like title to detect duplicate posts and just update fields of the first created one ?

In your video, you say title for duplicates, but we can use ID for detecting duplicates :

Thank you for your help